Plant exchange
in your city

Share, swap or sell your house plants. Build the local community. Meet plant lovers from your area.

How does it work?

It's simple! Just create an ad with plant you want to share. You can give plants for free, swap or sell them. Your profile is public, so other people can see what you have for swap.
Plantswapp operates in Poland and Iceland only for now.


If for some reason you need to give a plant for adoption, Plantswapp is the best place to find it a new home.


Just create an ad describing what you have for swap and what are you looking for. Remember about adding all relevant info.


Describe the plant, add an image and price. Maybe someone is looking for it?

Browse maps on the map

You don't want to travel to another, distant part of the city? Just set an location and browse plants from your neighbours.

Create the local community

Join one of local groups to stay in touch with plant lovers from your area.

Meet new people

Your friends don't share your interests and plant love? You can meet new people at Plantswapp.